Our Strategic Partners

We assist clients with benefit solutions from all major insurers.  Two of our strategic partnerships greatly enhance our capabilities to provide innovative solutions and access tremendous purchasing power:

Group Health Global

GroupHEALTH Global is a national benefit provider with offices in British Columbia and Ontario.  Their client solutions are the result of combining the best employee benefits from multiple insurers into custom programs with a single administrative platform.  GroupHEALTH Global’s services are only available through their network of approximately 50 Canadian partners.

As a GroupHEALTH Global partner, we can access the purchasing power of over $225 million dollars of annual employee benefit premium to create a custom solution that will provide great value now and for years to come.


Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan 3

The Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan provides employee benefits specifically designed for businesses with 1 to 35 employees.  The non-profit program serves over 25,000 Canadian businesses, has been operating for over 35 years and is one of Canada’s largest benefit providers for firms of less than 100 employees.  Benefit Innovations has been providing Chamber benefit solutions for over 19 years as an exclusive regional advisor.

The Chambers’ unique fully pooled benefit program for small businesses and partial pooling for medium size firms has enabled us to provide the most stable and predictable benefit plan costs in the industry.  The Chambers’ small business focus has led to the creation of a broad range of solutions successfully addressing the benefit challenges faced by small businesses.





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