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We help our clients understand the true costs in their benefit program and identify those they can influence.  Our solutions manage the controllable non premium costs which are often overlooked.

Every client’s benefit needs are unique.  The questions below may not reflect your specific circumstances.  However, if you haven’t had a benefits discussion like this, we think you should!

The following are examples of important benefit questions we have used to help our clients maximum their benefit investment:


  • How can I design a benefit program with predictable and sustainable premiums?
  • How can I protect against the potential impact one employee or dependent with significant health care needs can have on the total claims and future premiums of a small organization?
  • How can I control the impact of employee turnover on my benefit plan costs?
  • How can small organizations reward employee loyalty or seniority within the scope of benefit options available to them?
  • How do I maximize tax efficiency when sharing premiums with my employees?
  • My employees would like the maximum flexibility in spending their extended health and dental benefit dollars.  Is a health spending account a sound alternative to a traditional insured program?
  • Should I care if some employees choose not to participate in the company benefit plan?
  • How long should I continue to provide extended health and dental coverage for employees who are not able to work because of an illness or injury?  Who should pay for this coverage?  Is there a way to provide disabled employees with on-going coverage without negatively impacting the benefit costs for my healthy active employees? 
  • Can you help me understand the real costs within my benefit plan and identify those I can influence to ensure the most cost effective benefit solution?
  • How do I manage prescription drug and long term maintenance medication costs?
  • How do I eliminate the need for extended health and dental reserve requirements of traditional insured benefit plans without giving up the advantages of insured coverage?
  • How do I better manage employee absences at the earliest opportunity without increasing my cost, alienating my employees and creating potential employer liabilities?
  • Can independent management of my WorkSafe and other disability claims reduce my administrative costs, staffing requirements and employer liability exposure?
  • Can I reduce the insurer reserve requirements for my long term disability claims, making my disability premiums more affordable for all of my employees?
  • How can I access professional management and advice to pay for employer funded sick leave programs?
  • Can I provide an Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) with WorkLife balance and wellness resources as an integrated component of my benefit plan?
  • Can I provide EFAP utilization reporting that will demonstrate my employee’s use and help me understand my employee’s needs and their impact on my organization?
  • Could a health spending account be an effective tool to supplement or replace a portion of my traditional insured benefit program?


What Our Clients Say

“In 1998 our long term disability premiums were about to double so we contacted Benefit Innovations for help.  After almost 10 years, our long term disability premiums are still less than half the cost proposed by our previous provider.”
Phyl Horth, Prudential Sussex Realty
“We began with Benefit Innovations Inc. with only 12 employees.  Our firm has since grown to approximately 50 employees.  Benefit Innovations reviewed our existing benefit plan and reduced our monthly premiums by approximately $750.  They provided pre-filled employee enrolment forms, employee memos, staff orientation meetings and personalized benefit packages for each of the employees and their families.”
Thom Grant, MacKenzie Management Corp.



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